Sunday, August 21, 2011

Getting in the Halloween Spirit!!!

I just love this new set that SVG Cuts came out with called Crisp Days of Fall

My favorite SVG project was the lantern, well technically that's not fair since that's the only one in the set that I made so far, but I had a ton of fun creating my halloween themed lanterns. 

 Supporing Trendy Twine!!!  I used the Halloween orange and black twine for this project. 
 I used battery operated tea lights so I don't have a run in with the local fire department...Michael's has really neat flickeing ones for about $6 for 6 or you can get 6 at Walmart for $2.50, they just don't flicker as much...but great deal if you want to buy bulk.

 Added a little bling...I also added rhinestones for the spider's eyes.

I made one big and one small and I found out I could stack them too!  The lantern in the set has a premade leaf lantern for fall, so to make mine for Halloween I used the blank insides...which I found out made very small lanterns on my 12x6 mat.  So, I ventured to see if I could alter the 12x6 lantern parts included in the extras folder, and I had to save it as a jpeg in MTC under Export - Raster file, and then I opened it up in Adobe Photoshop, erased the inside pattern, saved it, then opened it in Inkscape, went under Path- Trace Bitmap, then saved it as an SVG and Phew!!!  It worked!  I was able to create whatever pattern inside the lantern that I wanted and I chose some elements from SVG Cuts Spooky Silhouettes to haunt my lanterns!


  1. Great job on the lanterns. I love all your projects on your blog.

  2. I love it! Where did you get the spooky silhouettes?

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  4. Thanks Dawnica and Julie!

    Julie, I figured out that I didn't have the complete code, but if you click on the link on the post it should take you right to the Spooky Silhouettes page at SVG Cuts.

  5. Therese, these are amazing!!! I love them!! You're so creative, putting those silhouettes inside! I am impressed that you were able to edit the original 6x12 mat lantern to be a plain lantern! I didn't realize I forgot to include that option until I read your post! I added that option and will send you a new zip file just to have (even though you figured out how to make it work already!). ~Mary :)

  6. Hi Therese,

    I just found you through Tredny Twine. I just had to tell you that I LOVE your lanterns!

    I am off to check out the rest of your blog!

    Ruthie :)

  7. Why am I just seeing these now?!?! Where have I been? Sorry, I must have been under a rock. I am sooo jealous, these are amazing!

    I am sooo copying!

  8. I just purchased the Crisp Days of fall svg file from and I can't figure out how make a smaller lantern. I am not as good as you with the computer. I only have the small cricut so I can only cut on a 6x12" mat. Could you send me a copy of your small one in svg format? Or even just give me the dementions and I could change it on my SCAL. Thanks so much!


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