Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fall Lantern

I had a craft day with my friend Lindsay today, and our mission was to complete a lantern of whatever kind she wanted.  She loved the fall lantern that Mary at SVG Cuts designed in her new SVG set called Crisp Days of FallAfter we cut out the lantern in black we glued vellum to the inside of the three decorated sides and  she did a great job gluing the lantern pieces together while I continued to cut out the embellishments for the top of the lantern.  She chose these great fall colored papers from my stash and I think they go together so perfectly for this fall themed decoration.  Since my Cricut was taking it's time cutting, Lindsay had time to work on adding the brown twine from Trendy Twine. For being a newbie to this form of crafting, she did so great, way to go Lindsay!!! Crafting with two definately made the process quicker and more enjoyable, since we got to chat while the machine was doing all of the hard work :)

FYI: I used the dimensions that are in the PDF for the files.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blacklight Lit Cottage

So I was really bummed when I saw that the Peony Cottage set from SVG Cuts
 was only for 12x12 mats, because I have the 12x6 mat, but I went out on a limb and bought it anyway.  I decided I was going to make whatever size would fit on my mat and see if it would come out, and instead of wasting decorative paper in case it didn't turn out, I used all white cardstock.  I had to resize everything and the house stands at a mere 3 3/4" tall.  It's about the size of a gift card holder or candy/cookie treat holder and it holds a battery opperated tea light.  I was excited to see that the tiny house came together and I realized how cool this white house would look under a blacklight.  So here is my glowing cottage with a lit inside.
This is what it looks like in daylight, I kinda like the white.
Just the right size for a small gift.
And a front shot of the purple glowing white house!
Without the light inside.
So I may have to try to make a decorated one in the future, if I have time.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Getting in the Halloween Spirit!!!

I just love this new set that SVG Cuts came out with called Crisp Days of Fall

My favorite SVG project was the lantern, well technically that's not fair since that's the only one in the set that I made so far, but I had a ton of fun creating my halloween themed lanterns. 

 Supporing Trendy Twine!!!  I used the Halloween orange and black twine for this project. 
 I used battery operated tea lights so I don't have a run in with the local fire department...Michael's has really neat flickeing ones for about $6 for 6 or you can get 6 at Walmart for $2.50, they just don't flicker as much...but great deal if you want to buy bulk.

 Added a little bling...I also added rhinestones for the spider's eyes.

I made one big and one small and I found out I could stack them too!  The lantern in the set has a premade leaf lantern for fall, so to make mine for Halloween I used the blank insides...which I found out made very small lanterns on my 12x6 mat.  So, I ventured to see if I could alter the 12x6 lantern parts included in the extras folder, and I had to save it as a jpeg in MTC under Export - Raster file, and then I opened it up in Adobe Photoshop, erased the inside pattern, saved it, then opened it in Inkscape, went under Path- Trace Bitmap, then saved it as an SVG and Phew!!!  It worked!  I was able to create whatever pattern inside the lantern that I wanted and I chose some elements from SVG Cuts Spooky Silhouettes to haunt my lanterns!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Starbucks "Thanks" Card

Ok, so Starbucks is pretty much a no fail in the way of thank you gifts.  This one in paticular is for a co-worker that always buys me coffee, and won't let me buy, so here is my only way to think of to say thanks!
 To make the Starbucks symbol, I just downloaded a picture from the internet, printed it and cut it out.
I used green trendy twine, and SVG Cut's An Afternoon at Auntie Elaine's set  for the coffee cup and coffee beans. 
Then I glues the gift card holder that I got at Starbucks to the inside of the card, to make a present inside the card.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

White Wedding Card

 Here is a card I made for a friend that is getting married. 

I loved the way the Edisto Island's Spring Street Beach stand-up scene creates the look of depth and interest. 
I wanted the scene to reveal itself with another scene covering it, so I used the birds...bride and groom love birds to set the scene, and as you open the card the silhouette of the people bride and groom are standing under an arbor with tiki lamps. 

I used the 3-D flowers from SVG Cuts and added glitter and a pearl to the centers.  For the brides dress I also added glitter and pearls to add interest. 

I used Trendy Twine for the fence to bring in a little bit of a rustic look to the white fence.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My First Alphabet Letter

I made this A using the 3-D letters SVG kit from SVG Cuts.

The A is my last initial, and when I went to take pictures, my cat insisted she help make the picture more personal.  Plus, the dangling butterfly was looking a lot like a fun toy to her.


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