Sunday, September 13, 2015

Golden Fall Lantern

Hi everyone!
So I've been working on a file that was really fun to get creative with and has morphed a lot since my first vision of it. My husband wanted me to make a pumpkin lantern, so I made my interpretation of it by including other Fall elements.

The files I used are from SVG Cuts:
Boho Butterflies for the lamp base and top detail.
Crisp Days of Fall for the lantern and pumpkins.

Oak Leaves Corner
Bittersweet Wreath

This is what it ended up looking like with some tweaking...

I added hemp around the base and parts of the top for texture but didn't like the dull color so I spiced it up with some gold paint. I used a Letter Press wire fence embossing folder for the details in the base and on the top of the lantern. Then, I finished the top with some Trendy Twine.

This is what my rough sketch looked like. It was all made with off white cardstock.

I didn't have any vellum on hand, but I did have tracing paper, so I made my own colored vellum with watercolors.
This is the blue/purple gradient before I cut it.

And here is the yellow, orange & pink gradient I used for all of the Fall elements.
I used Kraft brown cardstock for all of the brown pieces and used Vintage Photo Distress Ink on the edges.

Here is a closer look at the different sides of the lantern. 

I made a video in case you want to see it in 3-D and with the lamp glowing.

Be sure to stop by SVG Cuts for 25% off all files until September 19, 2015!

Thanks for visiting my page! Hope you are having a great day!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Coffee Filter Fall Leaves

I know it's still hot out in most places right now, but in Florida I'll take any excuse to bring on cooler weather or at least the idea of it, so I want to share a fun and easy tutorial for making fall leaves out of coffee filters.
I purchased some white coffee filters from the Dollar Tree, some $1.00 spray bottles (Target, Walmart and Michaels have them), and I used food coloring mixed with water and pearl powders to make my shimmer sprays.

On either wax paper, freezer paper or a Ranger Craft Sheet, start spraying the colors until you have some variety of yellow, orange, green and red.
Then start to soak your coffee filter until it is filled with color.

Set it aside to let it dry or you can bake it in a 200 degree oven for faster dry time. I also used my heat tool and that work great too.

Step 1. Create a leaf template onto 110 lb paper using a real leaf or an existing silk leaf and trace onto dry coffee filter.
Step 2. Cut out the leaf shape.
Step 3. Erase the pencil lines.
Step 4. Draw leaf veins using a brown colored pencil.
Step 5. Crumple the leaf to give it a realistic look.
Step 6. Flatten the leaf and add gold glitter for extra sparkle.

I added some twine to the back to give them stems for a finishing touch.

Have fun making something pretty! I'd love to see anything you come up with on my facebook page!

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