Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentine's Day Lamp

Hi everyone!
Since Valentine's Day is just a week away, I wanted to create a fun project inspired by my husband. He's really great a giving me ideas of what to make and this time he said he wanted me to make a Valentine lamp.

He even helped pick out the colors and I think it turned out super cute!

First off, I have to shout out to SVG Cuts for making such cute files. I didn't have a lamp file of theirs, even though the do have one, so I got creative trying to piece together different components from different kits to come up with my version.

The kits I used are:
Santa's Village - I used the Santa hat box bottom for the lamp shade.
Home for the Holidays - I used the pitcher for the base of the lamp (I modified it by covering up the holes where the handle goes).
For My Valentine - I used one of the hearts in the extras folder to create the hearts on the lamp shade.

Supplies I used:
Washi tape (for the black border around the lamp shade and lamp base)
Aleene's Tacky Glue
Pretty papers
Rhinestones/sparkly heart sticker
Battery operated light strand
Glass marbles

So here is what I did! I think it turned out so cute and just love the curves of the pitcher for the base.
Adding the black washi tape around the border of the lamp shade and lamp base really ties it all together and makes it look finished.
My husband even helped me figure out how I should place the lamp shade onto the base. He said I should put it at an angle so you see both sides of the lamp shade when you look at the front of it. Isn't he smart?!?
I used the extra heart pieces from the lampshade cut-outs for the hearts on the base. I even added some dimension by folding pieces of paper to make it pop-up.
Here is what the inside of it looks like...lots of room for this battery pack light strand.
All lit up at night. So romantic. One last thing I did was add glass marbles to the base before I glued it together so that it won't topple over with that heave battery pack in the lamp shade.

I hope you enjoyed today's super fun project! Thanks for stopping by.

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