Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paper Craft Storage

I was at Michaels craft store the other day and they were having a great sale on small square ink pads, and well, I already had a few before that, so I decided I would stock up on some of the fall colors though because the available colors always change. Once I got home, I didn't really have a home for them, so I decided to make them a home.

I made this cute armoire which is such a great size for these stamp pads! It fits four perfectly on the bottom and can go 3 layers high. For the other drawer I had some Dew Drop ink pads and put those in there and again they fit great, 6 on the bottom and up to 3 layers high.

I used SVG Cuts Amelie's Accessories Kit. I would suggest watching the assembly video if you attempt to make it though, I totall would have messed up if I didn't.

So, I love purple, therefore the color scheme :)

I was so happy the fit perfectly! I did increase the size of the file, just to the largest I could on my mat.

This is really sturdy too, and I will probably put some foam on the bottom so that I don't have to hold it everytime I go to open it. I just love that I didn't have to buy another piece of furniture, and I pretty much felt like a carpenter. 

There was also glitter glue on sale, so...I found a home for them too...using a Godiva chocolate box.
I liked the brown color of the box, but just added some paper to cover the original contents, and ta-dah!
Instant storage.

Thanks for looking! Hope this inspires you to make your own storage out of, well anything!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pumpkin Mouse House

So I know Fall is still a little ways off, but SVG Cuts is having a contest using only three of their Autumn kits/collections. 
I've been checking out the competition and there are some creative crafty folks out there.  If you are interested in submitting or looking at the entries you have until Sunday, August 26 to enter.

For my project I made a nifty house for a cute mouse that I named Martha, just because she needed a name.  Since there is a lot to it I decided to try my hand at a video.  Sorry for the grainy picture, my camera isn't exactly professional grade, but I think it gets across the different colors and sides of the house. 

Now, if your eyes hurt from the crappy video quality, I tooks some stills in better light so you can see it in it's full harvest color scheme. I hope the judges like it, they are all so generous and sweet...Oh come on...I'm not buttering up, it's true :)

So I'm not going to go into all of the tedious details about how I made it, unless someone wants to know, in which case I would be happy to share all of the details. But for now I'll spare you the stats and just show you some key parts.

For the little table I wanted it to be a lantern too, so I glued one side and added velcro to one of the little table cloth loops so that it opens like a lid and an led tealight fits inside.

I used some digital papers in this project too, such as the wood floor and the red patterned paper.

I got some flair from Paper Play Studio, where you can find all different themed buttons which are super cute and very fun.

I also used some of Trendy Twines Peppermint Stick and Chocolate Truffle Twine.

Since I wanted to be able to open the top, I just glued one piece of the top and added velcro to the opposite flap to hold it closed. I also added a color changing led to the lid held on guessed it, velcro...I love velco!

Oh, and the mouse and table come out too, so really I can change up the scene or just leave the inside empty if I want. So I hope you enjoyed looking at the little mouse house.  Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you, toodles!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Aged Treasure Chest

Good sunshiny morning!  I have a very cool treasure chest to share with you today.  My friend is getting married with a nautical theme, and she asked me to make her a treasure box to hold the cards at the gift table instead of the classic birdcage or decorative box. 

We played around with a couple of proto-types, but they were all too small to hold a large card, let alone several. 
That's when I knew I was going to have to get creative and play with a couple of different kits to get the look we were after. 

I used these kits from SVG Cuts:
I used just the sides and bottom of the box
I used the lid from the tool box, but not the sides of the lid (I cut a few extra slits in the tabs so that it would fit around a semi-circle).
I used the fleur decorative piece, and just cut it to fit.

I also used some basic shapes from my library such as the half circle (for the lid sides) and an oval stretched out (for the closure)

I used Lori Whitlock's Hinges for the back of the lid and to hold the handles.
For the "gold" rim, I used gold colored cardstock and cut 2"x the correct length of the side that I was using it on.
Now, this might sound a little confusing, but it really helped make a clean edge.
I folded it in quarters, then glued the two ends over to create a clean edge and then glued the gold piece in place on the box. (this was very time consuming because of all the glue that had to set, so I eventually got smart and used my glue gun...much quicker)

I used my distressed stripes embossing folder for the wood grain look and I used a dark brown ink to really make it look like aged wood. 

You might notice the handles look different.  The bottom picture is from the first time around with a round handle, but that was adjusted to the smaller more oval shape of the above picture...much better. 

To hold the hinges, handles and closure in place I used copper brads and for the top of the lid, I decorated the bands with pearls and rhinestones.

This really was a labor of love...mostly because I wanted to make it look like wood, which meant I had to cut all of the brown paper into strips and for the interior (in a darker shade of brown) I just inked the edges with black. But for the outside of the box, I not only embossed and inked the pieces, I also put some small foam squares to the bottom part of the pieces to make them look like they are layered.

I kid you not, this thing is super sturdy...Oh and I used black as my base for the chest so that I had a surface to glue all of the wood planks to, so it's 3 layers thick. The handles are made with 8 ovals so they are really strudy and the closure is 2 layers thick.

I think it's really cool that it closes just right and it even has the hole for the lock, should it ever be needed.

This is the inside, really quite deep. The box measures just about 10"x10", but the inside box part is 6.75"x10"x7.5"

I hope you are having a fantastic weekend! I love seeing what other crafters are up to, so stop by my facebook page and comment on my post featuring the treasure chest to share what projects you've been working on and you will be entered to a drawing for a $5.00 gift card to Starbucks. Winners will be picked on Wednesday, 8/15/12.

Also SVG Cuts has another freebie up on their blog along with 237 other freebies!
How awesome is that?!?

They also have a free gift up for the week...spend $9.98 or more and get this file free:

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