Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paper Craft Storage

I was at Michaels craft store the other day and they were having a great sale on small square ink pads, and well, I already had a few before that, so I decided I would stock up on some of the fall colors though because the available colors always change. Once I got home, I didn't really have a home for them, so I decided to make them a home.

I made this cute armoire which is such a great size for these stamp pads! It fits four perfectly on the bottom and can go 3 layers high. For the other drawer I had some Dew Drop ink pads and put those in there and again they fit great, 6 on the bottom and up to 3 layers high.

I used SVG Cuts Amelie's Accessories Kit. I would suggest watching the assembly video if you attempt to make it though, I totall would have messed up if I didn't.

So, I love purple, therefore the color scheme :)

I was so happy the fit perfectly! I did increase the size of the file, just to the largest I could on my mat.

This is really sturdy too, and I will probably put some foam on the bottom so that I don't have to hold it everytime I go to open it. I just love that I didn't have to buy another piece of furniture, and I pretty much felt like a carpenter. 

There was also glitter glue on sale, so...I found a home for them too...using a Godiva chocolate box.
I liked the brown color of the box, but just added some paper to cover the original contents, and ta-dah!
Instant storage.

Thanks for looking! Hope this inspires you to make your own storage out of, well anything!


  1. Love it... I have decided this is my weekend project! thanks for posting it.

  2. Awesome Judy, I would love to see what you create!

  3. Hi Therese. Long story...ran into your blog whilst looking for glue dot recipe. Anyhoo...saw your comment made back in February (I am slow on the uptake) about Slice spray to restick mats (or Aileen's Tack It Again). I use quilter's basting spray that I pick up at the fabric store to make my mats sticky again. I made a "stencil" to cover the edges of my mats and just a spritz or two will do. Also, to add to the glue dots info, I found parchment paper, not freezer or wax, works well. Nice blog BTW

  4. Forgot to add-the reason I was looking for glue dot recipe was that I cut in half, the box that the Bumblebee Tuna & cracker snacks come in. I wanted snot dots to secure them together. These little half boxes turned out to be the perfect size to stick my newly-organized paper scraps in. They are pre-cut in 1x3, 1.25x3 & 1.5x3 strips, and fit perfectly. Then I set those inside the clear shoe container that hold the 5.5" x whatever for A2 size cards. Anyway, I was happy to not spend any more money on this "sport", recycle and create something useful. OK, I don't blog but some days I just have to babble, ha ha.

  5. Thank you for your feedback Sheree! I went to your blog, and I'm your first follower! Whoo-Hoo! I'm wanting to try those tricks with re-sticking the mats and making glue dots!


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