Monday, June 11, 2012

Festive Wedding Decor Ideas

Hi everyone! I hope the summer heat hasn't hit you like it has me, over here in sunny Florida. It's a scortcher!
Well, since I'm on the topic of hot, I thought I share some pictures of some hot and fun wedding decorations I made for a friend's wedding last month.
My dear friend commissioned me to make decorations for her entrance table, favor table, and memory lane table (which features a full scrapbook spread also designed by yours truly :)

My friend wanted to make her favors special for her guests, so she shared 4 bakery items inspired by each of the bride and groom's grandparents. The cookie jars were decorative to hold the cookie favors and I decorated the tops with flowers from SVG Cuts, the 3D Mums and Fall flowers kit.

This is a collection of all of the items I made, but they were spread out at the wedding reception onto the different tables.

Here are a few closer pictures featuring a lot of flowers.

I used SVG Cuts 3-D letters for the L and M.

How about some fancy doilies to spruce things up? I also used sand from a nearby beach to weigh down the jars and to hold the flags.

I didn't make the antique boquet though, that was the brides and she used it as a prop at the reception.

Ok, I had a helper too, this is one of my cats, Zip, who has taken on the nick name Buttons...Don't ask me, my husband just randomly starts calling her a new name every so often, but I think it works. She looks so majestic here, like she's so proud of my hard work :) At least I hope so.

So I hope this inspires you to create your own decorations for that special touch, whether it's for a wedding, a birthday or a baby shower, people will flock to hand crafted decorations, and you get fun bragging rights (along with SVG Cuts...if you haven't checked them out, you've got to see what awesome files they offer!)

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