Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blacklight Lit Cottage

So I was really bummed when I saw that the Peony Cottage set from SVG Cuts
 was only for 12x12 mats, because I have the 12x6 mat, but I went out on a limb and bought it anyway.  I decided I was going to make whatever size would fit on my mat and see if it would come out, and instead of wasting decorative paper in case it didn't turn out, I used all white cardstock.  I had to resize everything and the house stands at a mere 3 3/4" tall.  It's about the size of a gift card holder or candy/cookie treat holder and it holds a battery opperated tea light.  I was excited to see that the tiny house came together and I realized how cool this white house would look under a blacklight.  So here is my glowing cottage with a lit inside.
This is what it looks like in daylight, I kinda like the white.
Just the right size for a small gift.
And a front shot of the purple glowing white house!
Without the light inside.
So I may have to try to make a decorated one in the future, if I have time.


  1. You did such a fabulous job!!! I love it in white.

  2. The cottage looks very pretty in white and it shows up the detail really well. Thanks for showing a great alternative. I think I will make a white one for Christmas.

  3. absolutely gorgeous! I know this is a couple years old LOL, but I've wanted this cottage for MONTHS, but I only have the 8.5x11 mat size,,,,,,Now I'm going to buy it and make the largest size I can!!!!! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!!!!

  4. Hi Holly, Thank you for checking out my blog. I now have a 12x12 cutter, but I was so glad I tried to make the house smaller on the 12x6 mat because it wasn't too big. The only trouble I had was cutting some of the decorative details for the windows and door, but otherwise it went together nicely.


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