Monday, April 8, 2013

New House!

 I'm sure some of you know someone in your life who has purchased a house, and in my community that is the trend this year and last. This is a fun house warming gift I made for my friends who got their first house last year. I used a combination of SVG Cuts files (for the keys and house) and I use Lori Whitlock's frame file.  

I went with a traditional black, white and grey color scheme.

And to hold the frame, I put it in a perfect little house box.

It even has a little light inside that changes colors.

So to anyone out there buying a new home, good luck and enjoy the experience.


  1. That is super cute! What an amazing gift!

  2. This is awesome, Therese! What a sweet gift.

    Lesley @ Trendy Twine

  3. Great job Therese! Love both projects!

  4. Absolutely amazing.....what a great gift.

  5. Absolutely amazing! Congrats on the house also.


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