Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cabana Card

Boy was this fun to craft...scroll down to see how I made it!

This is my newest very fun tropical party card!  My inspiration for this card was my blog title...Crafty Cabana.
I wanted to create something that displayed the cabana feel and this is where my inspiration took me.
  • I combined two cards (an 8 1/2" x 11" paper cut in half horizontally and each folded and taped together)
  • Next I found some really great SVG kits: the Mahalo, and Mahalo Nui Loa from Lettering Delights, and the Hula Girl and waves which are free SVGs file from SVG Cuts. 
  • After I had these basic elements, I had to come up with something that would make the card stand out or pop, so I refered to my Pop-Up Book by Paul Jackson which demonstrated how to make a cylinder lay flat when closed and pops out when opened.  I used that base to create my Tiki Bar.  I added a ledge (with a drink) and for the thatched roof I cut stripes from yellow paper (without cutting all the way through so the stayed as one unit) and since they flew up and wouldn't stay down I added hemp to secure them.
  • For the palm trees (Lettering Delights) I thought it would be fun to hang some lanterns from them to really create a beach party feel.  I made the lanterns by accordion folding colored paper and clipping them to look a little more like a lantern and then hot glued them to a piece of hemp.
  • The background was fun because I had to figure out if I wanted daytime or twilight....of course I picked twilight!  I created the sunset background in Adobe Photoshop Elements and added a sparkle swirl brush in yellow to resemble stars and magic. Then I used 3 different colors of blue for the ocean, and cut out some sand and rocks.  I inked all of the edges to give it dimension and make it more interesting, and lots of glitter to finish it off.  I will probably definately make another fun scene, as soon as I think of what it will be! 


  1. I love this card, sure does look like a crafty cabana. You are always so creative, and great way to use your resources to expand on your creativity!

  2. omg! LOOOOOOOVE your cabana card! it's absolutely adorable!

  3. Love your cabana, very nicely done!!! I always enjoy seeing your cards. Thanks for putting up my button, hope to grow our blogs together as we are both starting!!

    Happy Card Encouragement Factory

  4. This card is awesome!!!!!! I may have to give it a try! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Wow, an incredible card and the person who gets this one is a very lucky person.


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