Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Birthday Card

For my Father-in-law's birthday, my husband commissioned me to come up with a neat card.  I wanted him to be a part of the process too, so I asked him either what color scheme I should do or what card idea he had in mind.  For this one he said it would be neat to make a grill based card, and I took it from there.
I used Lettering Delights backyard fun SVGs to make the grill. I used a shape from my library in MTC along with the shadow of the grill to make the card base.  
It didn't come with a lid, but I really wanted to hide the hamburger and hotdog and "Happy Birthday" inside, so I turned the base of the grill upside down in MTC and ta-dah, a lid.  I attached it to the back of the card with a small flap and added a black rectangle with silver brads and and a little piece of foam tape in the middle to make the handle curve a little.

For the inside I made a picnic table also using the grill base, and I just covered it with a table cloth.  Then I added the lemonade and lemon for a refreshing summer birthday.


  1. AMAZING card and very original. I love how you have incorporated a lid to the shape of the card.

  2. Thank you.
    I always appreciate feed back.


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